long drives, not many places...

Wed July 29th, Tallahassee, FL @ Castlemania (I think this is the Engine room?)
Thur July 30th, Baton Rouge, LA @ Insomkneeaks
Fri July 31st, Houston, TX @ the Minx
Sat Aug 1st, Shreveport, LA @ House Show (more details soon)
Sun Aug 2nd, Hattiesburg, MS @ 1126 House
Mon Aug 3rd, Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo's


  1. Castlemania is the same building as The Engine Room, but it's in a little side room off the patio.

  2. Artists, and on the move as migrations to seasonal landings, as I left Arctic Alaska in September with the snow in my hair weighed down with mammoth tusks on trails still used since the time of the dire wolves, I remain indecisive in the distant journey. Ancient ivory in my hands with voices from the tundra now in a genetic memory, slows my trek to the plane on the gravel bar. This is how I wipe myself, from, the spinning and force of the multitudes, I board the plane for my children in Bali and return...Bill Sidmore