eastcoast winter TOURDOG 2010

1-Atlanta:w/Sunglasses,Spelling Bee, The Mighty Contract and Gnarwhal @the Cat Cave

2-Chattanooga:w/Sunglasses, and more @Anarchtica house

3-Columbus:w/Horrible Creeps, Hellbath, and Mad at Some Musk Ox
@ the Monster House

4-Pittsburgh: w/ Secret Tombs and Mary Kelly @ the Helter Shelter

5-DC:w/Brainkiller, Scapegoat, Deathrats, Nude Beach, Lotus Fucker, Transgression @3rd St co-op

6-NYC:w/White Suns,Twin Stumps and The Men @Death by Audio

7-Providence:w/General Interest,Rhythm and Blues Motherfucker @Sweatshop

8-Philadelphia:w/Flesh Temple and Gorgeous Gods@ the terrordome

9-New Brunswick:w/Sick Fuck,Big Eyes, and Burden @ some basement

10-Richmond:w/ Julie Karr and Snacktruck @the triple

11-Athens:w/ Brainkiller, Scapegoat, and American Cheeseburger @ Go Bar

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  1. At SXSW my friend Drew mentioned to me to check you guys out. You guys are a fantastic. Hopefully we can cross paths and watch Heathers and destroy Westerberg High. All hail, Diet Cokers!