we're still in fact a band. member, menstrual, and musical changes have all occurred in recent months. rest assured though, three people still congregate to annoy housemates, girl talk, and snack relentlessly. for those that yearn for the past, nostalgia is for the birds

we're playing shows:
7/4/10 in Pensacola at Sluggo's. w/ Gun Outfit
7/5/10 in Tallahassee at Greg's house w/ Dads, Gun Outfit, maybe more
7/6/10 at Wayward Council w/ Dads, Gun Outfit, Charles Mansion
7/14/10 at Wayward Council w/ the Men, St. Dad
8/7/10 in Tampa at Bloodfest w/ lots of bands
8/8/10 at the Junkyard w/ Chill Pillars, Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn, Julie Karr and more
8/30/10 at Wayward Council w/ the Body, Die Hoffnug

we are also going on tour for about a month in October/November. get in touch if you'd like us to shake our asses all over your town.

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